Dunn and Ellis

Specialist services - Agriculture


We would regard ourselves as specialist accountants to the agricultural industry, with more than 50 years experience of acting for over 250 farming clients involved in various types of farming activities.

Acting for a significant number of farmers has allowed us to gain knowledge and understanding of day to day issues which effect clients, such as;

  • Understanding the value (and how to value) livestock for the year end accounts
  • Having a knowledge of the single farm payment system, and providing advice on potential purchases and or ‘upgrades’
  • Advice on milk quota transactions i.e. securing any capital loss
  • Advice on tax allowances relating to farm capital purchases, whether relating to tractors and general farm machinery or slurry pit and grain silos
  • Advice on the purchase and sale of farmland
  • Advice on succession planning, and introducing family members into the family farming business
  • Advice on banking issues, arrangement fees, renewal fees and loan rates
  • Estate planning and passing on the family farm

Finance issues relating to farming businesses have developed extensively over the last few years, with far more planning required to ensure that your holding performs well in a competitive industry.

All our partners and staff have a sound understanding of farming finances, with each farming client having a dedicated team of partner and clerical staff to deal with their file.